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Relaxing in Finland“The cobbler’s children go without shoes.”

This is a saying whose truth I’ve been painfully aware of over the last year. While I’ve been busy building my marketing business, working with numerous clients to develop their websites and ads, write their blogs and press releases, I’ve not given my own blog the same attention. After a hard day of writing copy for others, it’s very difficult to then turn around and start writing copy for yourself. Especially when I’m also editing and writing for two graphic novel anthologies, writing a novel, various short stories, and a few graphic novel pitches, editing a couple of TV scripts, and doing numerous other things that I’ve forgotten. And of course visiting numerous business networking meetings to make certain I’m remaining on the radar of local business people.

That said, my trip to Finland, which largely was a vacation, did allow me to take a break from things, for a few moments step off my hamster wheel, breathe, and think about what exactly I could put here.

As a professional copywriter by day and a storyteller by night (well, both of them are really all around the clock) I get involved in a lot of projects, both professional ones and pure entertainment. I’ll be now making certain to use this blog to keep people abreast of what I’m up to, a personal news blog if nothing else.  And then, now and again, I’ll also be posting various articles, comments, and so forth. Things I’m thinking about. So both news and commentary, that’s what’s happening here.