Video Scripts

Film and animation are mediums dear to my heart and I’ve enjoyed scripting every one of my projects. It’s a terrific way for companies to inform and bond with their target audience.

1. 2Q Explained
An animated commercial I scripted for 2Q Creations, a marketing company that creates animated videos for a wide variety of business clients.

2. BNI Invite Video
Animated video explaining the BNI Invite website.

3. Service GEMS Explained
Animated commercial for Service GEMS, a website that connects you with the right home contractors.

4. Debbie Murphy, MacDonald Real Estate
I wrote the script for this commercial featuring realtor Debbie Murphy.

5. South Asian Millionaires Club
Video commercial for the South Asian Millionaires Club, a South Asian dating service.

6. Seafair Gourmet Meats
Video of Heath Newman, Seafair Gourmet Meats, describing the products of his family-owned butcher shop.

7. Seva Bookkeeping
Video of Katherine Ridley with Seva Bookkeeping presenting her bookkeeping services and what sets her apart from the competition.

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