Website Content

At the dawn of the 21st-century, this is the content writing that every business needs done. I’ve written or edited numerous websites — here are many of them.

1. Cloudscape Comics
In my role as Cloudscape’s web master, I’ve developed all aspects of the website to provide extensive information on the organization in the most engaging manner possible as well as be a pivotal resource for aspiring comic book creators and those interested in the local comic community.

2. BNI Invite
Wrote the content for BNI Invite, a website dedicated to streamlining the process for inviting guests to BNI chapter. I made certain the material clearly and concisely explained how this tool would enhance the invitation process.

3. Nina Matsumo
Wrote the website of Eisner-award-winning cartoonist Nina “Space Coyote” Matsumo, frequent Simpsons artist and creator of the comic series Yokaiden.

4. Seafair Gourmet Meats
Wrote the website content for Seafair Gourmet Meats, a prominent artisan butcher shop in Richmond, BC. I worked extensively with the web designer to make certain the website engages Seafair’s target audience.

5. Aurora Scientific Corp
Wrote most of the content for the Aurora Scientific Corp’s website and organized the site to best appeal to their target audience. When I was first awarded the project, I wasn’t too familiar with PVD coating, but I engaged in intense research and worked extensively with my client to make certain that the content was being written with the authority of an expert.

6. Angels There For You
Revitalized all aspects of the website for Angels There For You, a company devoted to home health care for seniors and those with disabilities. I made certain that the information is presented in a concise and engaging manner and that the company’s vision is clearly expressed to the reader.

7. Liquid Capital
Wrote many of the landing pages on the Liquid Capital website. They’re listed in the dropdown menu under “Industries.”

8. AGEA Bookkeeping & Accounting
Since AGEA’s owner has English as her second language, she hired me to edit the website’s content. I made certain that the grammar and vocab were correct and effective and that the content flowed well together.

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