STUD onlineSo I like helping companies and professionals tell their story and I like comics, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I like using comics to help companies and professionals tell their stories. Comics are a very versatile medium: their combination of pictures and words is concise and engaging, allowing information to quickly, clearly, and compellingly be delivered to a target audience. This can be shown in everything from emergency procedure pamphlets to Larry Gonick’s classic cartoon histories.

Cloudscape Comics originI’ve written an underwear ad as a comic, told the history of a comic book company as a comic, and recounted two news events as comics. They were four of the funnest copywriting projects I’ve done and four of the most powerful, as they get the readers involved in the information in a very memorable manner. I’m proud of all my copywriter but my non-fiction comics have an especially soft place in my heart for they’re a beautiful union of my career and my passion. You’ll certainly be seeing much more of them in the future.