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I attended an interesting business seminar that spent a lot of time investigating each participant’s psychology, who they were, what they were doing, how that connected to their business. One of the most interesting elements was when the person running it asked us to think about our own story and see how it motivates each of us in our particular professions.

I suppose in different ways it’s something I’d been thinking about at various times over the years but I never put it into quite those words before. Why do I do what I do? Well, if you asked me to describe myself in a single word, that word would be “storyteller.” Whether I’m writing comics for Cloudscape, writing copy for clients, even playing role-playing games, I’m telling stories. That’s what I do. Stories fascinate me.

I’ve always yearned for self-expression, always wanted to tell the stories that matter to me and to people who are ready to listen. And I continue to tell my own stories in numerous mediums. As this is my great passion in life, it’s also something I seek to provide other people with. I help other people find their voice, tell their stories, get their voice. I allow them to express themselves, their passion, through their story. Their passion may be a product or a service, a company or a personal identity. Whatever it is, I make certain that it’s being expressed in the most effective way possible.

I tell stories. Sometimes it’s my story, sometimes it’s other people’s. It’s what I do. Because self-expression and expressing ideas, telling stories, is what I love most in the world. I do it because it’s my passion. Why do you do what you do?