So a client that I did work for more than a year and a half ago recently contacted me to ask if I was interested in doing some work for one of her clients, a web developer who is, not surprisingly, working with people who need websites done. Website writing is certainly something I’ve done a lot and as I had enjoyed working with her on the first project, I was excited to be working with her again. An interesting experience that reminded me you never know where connections can go or when someone you met decides they want to see you strut your stuff.

I probably have an edge in all this because I’ve noticed that copywriting is not the most common profession in the city. Anyone who’s involved with any busy networking in Vancouver is going to know plenty of accountants, web designers, lawyers, etc. But I rarely bump into another copywriter and so there’s a decent chance that I’m the only copywriter a particular person will know and thus the first on their mind if they hear someone needs some good writing done. Maybe something for themselves or for a friend of friend or maybe many moons down the line they notice my business card crumpled in the back of their wallet and decide to give me a call. Networking is often a long game. You have to be patient because you never know what will happen and you never know when it’ll happen. Dedication and diligence are probably the two most important traits for freelancers but patience is pretty high up there too.