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So it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve posted here. When I’m teaching to make money, working with Cloudscape Comics, writing my own comics, writing a couple of novellas, and even running an Unknown Armies rpg, it’s hard to make time for other things as well.

But anyway, as horrible as 2016 seems to have been for everyone else (the death of numerous actors and musicians, the death of Umberto Eco, Brexit, the rise of Trump), it has actually been pretty good for me. I got a comic published in Pulp LiteratureEpic Canadiana (which I designed, edited, and wrote a couple of stories for) won the 2016 Gene Day at the Joe Shuster Awards for excellence in comics, and Cloudscape’s latest anthology, Bones of the Coast, is current heading to the printers. So that’s all exciting. I’ve been getting involved in all sorts of lovely projects even if the rest of the world is spiraling into the Abyss. Does that balance everything out?

Anyway, exciting things have happened and more exciting things are currently in the works.