When I was a kid, I felt like there was so much stuff coming at me from all directions: English homework, Math homework, Socials homework, etc. I think that I felt that once I reached adulthood, things would calm down and there wouldn’t be so much stuff all at once.

Obviously that has proven not to be the case. Being an adult is nuts. This seems especially clear right now, where I currently have to (deep breath):

  • Go through my very busy work schedule
  • Move to my new apartment
  • Work on various Cloudscape Comics stuff
  • Send-off copies of my new anthology Epic Canadiana to all contributors
  • Find time to work on a science fiction short story
  • Send-off pitches for my pirate comic
  • Clean and do the dishes
  • Do various other things I can’t remember right now.

Yeah, it’s a lot of stuff. I really envy my 12-year-old self right now. But on a positive note, here’s a picture of Epic Canadiana #2, my new anthology of Canadian superhero comics, edited by me and with stories by me and numerous other great writers and artists. Go team!

epic canadiana