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I’m the featured vendor for the Studio’s February 2012 newsletter.

Here’s what it says about me:

Vendor of the Month 

Bevan Thomas

Bevan Thomas is a freelance writer and editor who works with numerous clients to present their documents and other text in a clear and engaging format. He has revitalized websites, written press releases and advertisements, and even developed scripts for graphic novels and television shows.

Among his various projects, Bevan has:

* Created and edited copy for numerous clients of Personae Concepts, a Vancouver communications company.

* Wrote the press release for the Viscera Film Festival.

* Scripted a one-page comic strip ad for STUD underwear.

*Developed Cloudscape Comics‘ web content and optimized it for search engines.

* Wrote stories for Cloudscape‘s graphic novel anthologies.

* Developed a television pilot that is currently being optioned by a producer.

* Blogged for Broken Frontier, a comic news site

A consummate storyteller, Bevan devotes much of his free time to writing comic books and teleplays, and engaging in improv acting. He is never happier than when telling tales or building worlds.

Bevan’s wide experience with both copy and storytelling projects has allowed him to combine a crisp and focused writing style with an engaging sense of narrative that keeps the reader interested and involved. He always strives to present his client’s information creatively and compellingly: he has turned advertisements into comic strips, used anecdotes to introduce web content, referenced urban legends in press releases, and incorporated other innovative material to capture the readers’ attention.

“Making sure your writing says what you want it to say.”