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One fascinating thing about the Web is how it continues to redefine how people express ideas and how companies connect to people. Many jobs and roles that have existed for a long time in the “real world” become subtly changed when brought into the Internet environment and many of these jobs have developed their own Net-specific variations and permutations. That’s one reason I find it so fascinating to write for the Web. It is such a dynamic medium and constantly redefines how companies discuss themselves and their products and relate to their potential audience.

One job that has become pivotal in the Internet age is that of brand journalism, which is one of the many hats I wear. Here’s an interesting article analyzing it:

“Brands now have the ability to bypass the traditional press and tell their own story in their own voice in a unique and compelling way. As I see it, good content isn’t about storytelling; it’s about telling a true story well.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t tell their story well. In our recent survey of more than 1,000 B2B marketers (conducted with the Content Marketing Institute), we found that creating compelling content is the biggest pain point for businesses. Which is why I favor the idea of hiring or contracting content creators who function within your company as embedded brand or corporate journalists….”

For more on this article, see “Seven Reasons Your Content Marketing Needs a Brand Journalist.”